New Pic of Kristen from the On The Road Screening After Party & Rob Sightings



  Fan account from Dazedbyrob 
Friends and I were on the curb waiting we saw HBG in the front seat. We didn’t want to be bold and attack so I took out my news paper and waved at the car incase Kristen saw. Never thought I’ll say this. BUT DAMN YOU ROB! Kristen didn’t see me because something was covering the window. Another car was literally right in front of me and I noticed it was rob… So it was sucking Rob who was covering the window with his body so papz couldn’t get anything. The papz we’re fucking clueless!! They didn’t know it was them! So no pics. They went inside a private area so no one saw them step out. I mean they were so sucking Clueless they asked us who it was! So in the car was HBG in the front. Garrett know the right side Kristen in the middle Rob on the left and shielding window. Sorry for typos. Well HBG made eye contact and I got scared lol but they were fucking right in front of me only glass in my way. Never thought I’d witness protective Roberto. So that was amazing :3 I was conflicted I was a bit mad because Kristen didn’t see me because of him but then I was like I love you dude!sources: 1  2