About World of Robsten

World of Robsten is a website that is dedicated to two very talented actors, and amazing individuals, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. This site is run by a devoted fan, and will bring you 24/7 news on both of them. Robert and Kristen are best known for their roles as Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen in the very popular Twilight Saga franchise. This is what thrust them into the spotlight and put them under constant media speculation. One thing that was always under speculation, was their relationship. Of course, we as fans, knew that Rob and Kristen had amazing chemistry, and a special bond. Even though it was never truly confirmed, we knew they were dating, which created an amazing and devoted fandom, and an even more amazing couple called ROBSTEN.

World of Robsten is a site that will tell you all of their upcoming appearances, movie projects, interviews, events, premieres, sightings, and everything else in between! The site will not only tell you about them together, but I will also report on them separately, as I respect them apart, just as much as i do when they are together.

I hope that you all enjoy the website, and share it with your fellow Rob and Kristen fans!


– Alex

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