Kristen’s OTR Interview with Cambio

“I think everyone was really happy it took a few years for the movie to get made,” she said. “I haven’t really [warned] them…my mom came to Cannes-she loved it and was really proud. I haven’t talked to my dad about it yet really.”

“It’s easy to be mature about it, and place it in a context and feel protective of it,” the 22 year old Twilight star added.

In fact, Kristen added that Welcome to the Rileys was probably more difficult for her parents to watch.

“I was so overtly sensitive about anything to do with-not overtly sexual-just anything about a young girl,” Kristen said about Rileys. “It rocked me and I think my parents could feel that as well.”

”I really had to dig pretty deep to find it in me to play a person like Marylou. It took a long time,” Kristen, 22, told us Monday. “I couldn’t say no- I would have done anything on the movie. It was easy to connect the dots after having gotten to know the person behind the character and what you would need to pull off a lifestyle like that. That didn’t happen until deep in the rehearsal process.”

“At first I was attracted to the spirit of it,” Kristen continued. “I’m the type of person-I need to be pushed really hard to be able to let it all hang. I think Marylou is the type of person you can’t help but be yourself around.”


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