A Paparazzi Free Website!!

“World of Robsten” has gone 100% Paparazzi free! Following in the footsteps of other sites, we here at WOR have realized that we should not be spreading around the pictures that are taken by the horrendous papz. The media has been lying left and right about Rob and Kristen, and we will not support it. We will also not support the invasion of their privacy. They are both people, just like you and me. They deserve to be able to walk through and airport or go outside without being swarmed by men with cameras who are just trying to make money off of their misery.

As of today, there will be no more paparazzi pictures posted on this site, and all previous ones have been deleted. We will continue to post fan pictures, as most of those are innocent, but NO PAP PICS! 🙂

If you yourself have a website dedicated to any celebrities, we encourage you to go “Paparazzi Free” also, in order to help protect their privacy. 

-thank you for visiting ‘World of Robsten’ as a source for your Robsten news. SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

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