Kristen’s Interview with USA Today

USA Today Kristen Stewart did what most actors in her situation wouldn’t: in the midst of personal scandal, she stepped out to promote her small, intimate and very personal film, On the Road.

“Thanks, man. Thanks,” says Stewart, when told it was good of her to put herself out there….

[Kristen is] just a cool chick who’s smart and well-read, with On the Road being a favorite.“I was it a freshman when I read it. I was projecting to the future a little bit. Is that what’s on its way? It was about knowing that I wasn’t there yet. I hadn’t realized what my ambitions were. It made me less insecure and a little bit more hungry.” 

She’s not kidding. “I would have done anything on the movie. I would have been any crew member. I would have followed the crew in the car as a fan just to be around it,” said Stewart.

“Personality-wise, we’re so different. I am just a little bit more locked up and with time, I think that’s going to go,” says Stewart. “I don’t think it’s possible to change who you are.  …..

Hedlund and Stewart’s characters have loosely, effortlessly passionate love scenes in the film. “None of them were events. Professionally, from an actor’s standpoint, you do what you have to do. I think it’s about feeling safe with who you’re with and that you’re both there for the right reasons,” says Stewart. “The only way to do Mary Lou justice was to feel free and natural doing it. It was always easy. It was done so quickly.” 

For the full article, read it at USA Today


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